Steam engine 4B9 - symbol of Carnoules


PLM 4B9 located without tender close to the wine cooperative at the same street crossing in Carnoules

Carnoules was once a hectic railroad town, being the only steam engine depot on the PLM (Paris - Lyon - Mediterranée) line between Marseille and Nice. At the time, there were some 500 railroad people working in the town, on some 100 steam engines.

Today, only a few trains stop at this station (which is also the east terminal of the Gardanne to Carnoules line), whilst the TGV trains pass at high speed.

The only remaining steam engine in Carnoules is on display at the intersection of routes D13 and N97 as a monument over this proud railroad era since long gone. Constructed in 1893, it was in operation in Carnoules from 1918 to 1930.

The engine was in 2011 moved to a different location in the same D13/ N97 junction, with better visibility at the entrance road to a supermarket.

It has here been equipped with a tender PLM 23A11 and a barrier to prevent viewers to enter or climb the engine.

PLM 4B9 with PLM 23 A11

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