Railcar Caravelle X-4567

X-4567 with its trailer XR-8380 (in front of X-4590, X-3976 and a passenger carriage) at the ATTCV Besse depot

The X-4567 arrived at ATTCV in April 2006, after having been operated by the state railways, SNCF, since its cut-into-service in 1966.

During 40 years of service on SNCF rails it has covered a total distance of close to 3,800,000 km (corresponds to almost 100 tours around the globe, or 10 times the distance to the moon!).

In its very nice interior, the seats are framed with steel rods and baggage racks are located above each seat.

This railcar belongs to the class X-4500 multiple units railcars built by ANF (Ateliers de Construction du Nord de la France), in Crespin in the Nord department on the border to Belgium. (ANF is now owned by Bombardier Transport France S.A.S).

Railcars of this type consist of two vehicle units: a motor car with a diesel engine located under the floor and an unpowered trailer. This combination is called EAD (Élément Automoteurs Diesel (English equivalent: DMU - Diesel Multiple Unit)).

A total of 123 units were manufactured between 1963 an 1970.

Technical data X-4567

  • Motor car: X-4567 - Trailer: XR-8380
  • Nickname: Caravelle
  • Manufacturer: ANF - Engine: Saurer Sdhr 435 hp
  • Gear box: De Dietrich
  • Fuel: Diesel - Fuel tank: 800 litre - Fuel consumption: xx l/100 km
  • Wheel diameter: 0.86 m - Max speed: 120 km/h
  • X-4567, XR-8380: Length 21.24 m  (each)
  • Weight (t): 34.43 and 28.20, respectively
  • No of seats (1 class): 0 and 12, respectively
  • No of seats (2 class): 60 and 69, respectively
The X-4567 speed limit on the national rail network is 100 km/h

X-4567 on the national rail network

X-4567 is the only railcar in ATTCV's collection of railway vehicles that still is licensed to operate on the public French railway network. This implies, and has implied, that it is used for ATTCV excursions outside the Carnoules - Brignoles line.

Examples of such excursions include repeated trips to Tende near the Italian border (Train of Marvels - Train des Merveilles - Retro) as well as the Tour de Provence, the Train Festival in Miramas and the Veyn'Art.

Tour de Provence - Cannes

Train of Marvels - Retro - Breil-sur-Roya

Train of Marvels - Retro - Tende

Miramas Train Festival 2014 - Miramas

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