Vehicles in the Train des Pignes Steam Train

The steam engine, a goods wagon and five passenger carriages

Train des Pignes arrives in Annot

On hold in front of Annot station
Travelling with the Train des Pignes operated by GECP is not just another "what's-there-to-do" break from your vacation stay at the beach, with its sun and the blue sea. It's a cultural voyage, back to an era since long gone. But not only. In terms of technology it's a journey over more than a hundred years of time.

Let's start with what's in the front of your train.

Steam Locomotive E-211

The steam engine E-211 "La Portuguese" celebrates its 90th birthday this year, i.e it was build in 1923. It is the youngest vehicle in the train. For almost 50 years it served on the portugese railways antil it arrived to GECP to haul the Train des Pignes steam train.

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Goods Wagon JN-364

Attached to the steam engine we find a small goods wagon, JN-364, with roots in the original Sud France railways, from Nice to Digne and from Nice to Meyrargues, respectively.  Today it's used to carry tools and other equipment needed for the tourist train when on the rails.

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Passenger Carriage B-220

After the goods wagon follows a small passenger carriage, B-220, "Châtel-Palézieux". It was built in Switzerland in 1901.

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Passenger Carriage B-500

Two larger red passenger carriages B-508 and B-505 follow. These are from the last part of the 19th century and been used on the Sud France railways. B-505 was built in 1892 and has a interesting history until it became operational for the Train des Pignes heritage steam train.

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Passenger Carriage B-30

At the end of the train we find two green passenger carriages, B-31 and B-32, called "Les Luganaises". They are also more than 90 years old, built 1922 in Switzerland and used on Swiss railways until they were handed over to GECP.

In one of the carriages you find a mobile GECP souvenir shop.


Together, the above carriages in the Train des Pignes steam train can take onboard more than 250 passengers.