Entrevaux - Train des Pignes

The Train des Pignes steam train stops for at few minutes at the Entrevaux station. This gives the passengers the opportunity to leave their seats for a few moments, but it's not long enough to have a chance to visit this wonderful old village on the other side of the river Var.

If they only walk to the northern corner of the station building, however, they get a good view of the village and in particular the old Vauban fortress on the top of the hill, with its dwindling walkway up from the village.

Another view that passenger can enjoy is the mural painting inside the station building, showing some of the more interesting sights along the valley of the river Var.

The village of Entrevaux has a lot of interesting sights and street views. It's one of the most pictoresque villages in the valley. Don't forget to visit this village!

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