Additions to the ATTCV railway museum

ATTCV has recently received a new set of rail vehicles. This substantially changes the size and composition of the association's collection of rail vehicles, which now counts some 25 vehicles. It also adds to the capacity or the tourist trains.

The set consists of the X-2204 railcar with a trailing carriage XR-6024, a locomotive BB-63812 and a UIC sleeping car. The X-2204 - sometimes called "the shoebox" because of its boxy shape - is after revision likely to be used, with or without the trailing carriage XR-6024, for early and late season low traffic periods.

The diesel locomotive will after its revision be used to pull ATTCV's set of passenger USI and UIC carriages, in order to accomodate large groups of travellers, up to or even exceeding 300 persons.

The UIC sleeping carriage will likely be used by ATTCV for temporary crew accomodation.

Source: railtrain.org/attcv/