Train des Pignes - La Belle Epoque

June 2, 2013. It's a sunny, somewhat cool Sunday morning. Tourist buses are climbing the steep, windling roads up the river Var, causing small queues of cars with impatient drivers. The buses and some of the cars are heading for today's "special entertainment" in Puget-Théniers, the "Train de la Belle Epoque", with the GECP Train des Pignes steam train.

In the GECP train depot and workshop at Puget-Théniers station, the train crew is making the last preparations, filling-up the steam engine water tanks, greasing the engine's machinery, checking the air brakes on the carriages, etc.

People dressed as during the early part of the previous century enter the platforms while the black steam locomotive reverses into the station from the GECP depot.

The train will take all passengers to Annot, in dresses or not from La Belle Epoque.

Here some photos from the event.

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