ATTCV with DU-65 at Camps-la-Source Chestnut Festival

12e Fête de la Châtaigne, des Vins et des produits du terroir - Camps-la-Source - 2014

The 12th Chestnut Festival in Camps-la-Source in the department of Var was held on Sunday 19th October. The full title of the Festival was, in translation, 12h Chestnut, Wine and Local Products Festival. Part of the program was short trips from the Camps-la-Source station with ATTCV's service vehicle DU-65, capable of taking a dozen passengers.

The activities started at 10 hours with a harvest mass in the village church.

Then followed an opening ceremony, mostly consisting of music and danses of musicians and dancers in traditional dresses in the square in front of the church. The mayor and the priest assisted to these performances.

There were serveral dozens of stands in the village squares, offering various local products, from chestnuts (cold and hot), to wine, cheese, sausages and sweets, as well as products from Corsica and other parts of Provence.

 There was also a jazzband playing.

ATTCV had one stand, an information booth, where tickets for the trip with DU-65 were sold.

The name of the village and the commune Camps-la-Source derives partly from the spring well in the village.

DU-65 is a railway service vehicle, adapted for various railway maintenance tasks, including the transportation of service crews.

NOTE See also the post from the 2013 version of the festival.