X-4567 at 2014 Fête du Train in Miramas

6th Train Celebration Day in Miramas

The sixth Fête du Train in Miramas took place on the October 4, 2014, under the theme "Miramas West Provence", where "West" inter alia implied cowboys, Indians and country music.

Three heritage vehicles participated in the event, the steam engine 241-P-17, the electric locomotive CC-6570 and Caravelle X-4567 from ATTCV in Carnoules.

The X-4567 arrived from Marseille St.Charles station, while the two other trains arrived from Avignon (more about the latter two below).

The Daltons

The ATTCV Caravelle X-4567 was engaged under the theme "The Daltons", with reference to the mythic and affectionate Old West Lucky Luke parody created by the Belgian artist Morris.

Besides the voyage with passengers from Marseille via the Blue Coast to Miramas, the Caravelle during the day made five return trips with passengers between the Miramas and Berre stations, along the north-eastern shore of Etang de Berre.

X-4567 returned in the evening with its passengers to Marseille.

The passengers were entertained with country music and by personalities taken from the books, including the Dalton brothers Joe, William, Jack, and Averell in their inmate clothing.

Electric locomotive CC-6570

The first heritage vehicle to arrive in the morning was actually an electric locomotive, the CC-6570, hauling a set of carriages with passengers from Avignon station.

During the day the CC-6570 was parked on a side-track - under a crane! - together with the steam engine, with possibility for the public to visit the locomotive's "cockpit".

More information about this locomotive and the Association APCC 6570 (Association pour la Préservation de la CC 6570) which has restored and operates it, may be found on http://apcc6570.pagesperso-orange.fr/.

Steam engine 241.P.17

241.P.17 arrived as second train this day, with passengers from Avignon.

This steam engine, said to be the largest operated in Europe, was built as late as 1949 and was put into operation in May 1950, retired in September 1969.

It was parked on a side-track during the day, together with CC-6570. The long line of visitors waiting to get the opportunity to visit the steam engine's "control room" showed the high interest in steam.

More information about 242.P.17 and the Association which maintains it can be found on http://www.train-vapeur.fr/ .

Miramas was a busy station, as this combination of rail vehicles shows.

Other rail related events during the day

The sheriff making sure competition is fair ...

Young and old could here join for common pleasure

An entertainment road train meets a group of "immigrants"

More information on APPAF can be found at http://appaf.free.fr/ .

Non railway-related entertainment

It was called "Apache village". Well, Apache indians didn't use teepees!!

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See also the report on the APCC 6570 web site (they participated with locomotive CC-6570).