Train des Pignes Steam Train Winter Activities

GECP depot in Puget-Théniers 

The Train des Pignes steam train runs annually from mid-May to end of October. By voluntary enthusiasts. But they don't work only during the summer. There are activities going on every week in the association's depot in Puget-Théniers.

Steam and diesel engines and some carriages are stored in the depot building, the engine shed/workshop and the carriages shed. But the association has collected more vehicles that can be stored in these sheds. These are stored outdoors, on or off tracks.

In addition, in the yard we also see a set of CP railcars and wagons. Some taken out of service and simply stored there. Some, mostly service vehicles, stored here temporarily.

This day we find enthusiasts working on checking the lubrication system of steam engine E-211, on converting a carriage into a kind of mobile dormitory for next summer excursions on the line, and working on refitting an SF passenger carriage with new wooden benches.

The only vehicle that moves in the yard during the visit this day is the regular CP railcar, in direction Nice.

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