Railcars in the Train du Centre Var

Railcars on the Carnoules - Brignoles line

ATTCV has four railcars used for its heritage rail operations between Carnoules and Brignoles,  of which at present three are operational and one (Picasso) is undergoing engine revision.  In addition, a draisine (speeder) is used for very small groups of passengers.

X-2204 - "Ville de Brignoles"

Cut into service:  1985 - Arrival at ATTCV: 2012 - More info X-2204

X-4567 - Caravelle

Cut into service:  1966 - Arrival at ATTCV: 2006 - More info on X-4567

X-4590 - Caravelle, modernized

Cut into service: 1967 - Arrival at ATTCV:  2006  - More info on X-4590

X-3976 - Picasso - "Ville de Carnoules"

Cut into service: 1956 - Arrival at ATTCV: 1996 - More info on Picasso

DU 65 - "Camps-la-Source"

Cut into service: 1965 - Arrival at ATTCV: 2012 - More info on DU 65