ATTCV Acquires Heritage Railway Mail Car

One of the two remaining French railway mail cars ("mobile post office"), type PA (Poste Atelier) (OCEM PAtf 50 87 00 17 073-3), has recently been received by the ATTCV association.

The car was manufactured in 1933 for the Alsace-Lorraine railway network, and was during its last years of operation used for mail services between Nice and Ventimiglia (in Italy). Retired in the early 80s, it was taken over by a local private collector, who last year sold it to the Association. It now forms part of the ATTCV collection of rail vehicles at the depot in Besse-sur-Issole.

The car contains two compartments, one used for storage/transport of mail, the other for mail sorting.

The following photos show the car's interior and its on-board electric generator.

La Poste mail sacs
Mail sorting/office compartment

Mail storage/transport compartment

Belt driven electric generator for lighting etc.
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