Picasso's faulty engine removed

A team of ATTCV members undertook last Friday of January the task of removing the faulty engine from the association's railcar Picasso X 3976, as a first step in the engine's replacement. The replacement engine has already been acquired and is on site.

The engine together with its gear box is a very heavy piece and had to be lifted essentially through the roof, so a strong mobile crane was needed. In preparation for the lifting, the various accessories and connections had of course been removed.

The front and roof covers had first to be removed before the lifting could take place.

The engine/gear box set was placed on an end-of-19th-century flat wagon, another  heritage vehicle in the association's collection.

As only the engine will be replaced, the gear box and the engine were separated and stored separately on the wagon.

This is of course only the first step. Now follows various tasks such as cleaning and refreshing of the engine room, cleaning of the gearbox, mounting of accessories and adjustments to the new engine, etc. That will require more lifting and a lot of work until we once again will see the Picasso picking up passengers at Carnoules-les-Platanes.

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