La Portuguese moving with steam

The GECP Mallet steam locomotive E 211 moving with a good fire in the firebox will under suitable weather conditions create very nice clouds of mostly steam but also some smoke. The post presents photos from various locations, during a regular passenger trip from Puget-Théniers to Annot.

Reversing from the GECP engine and carriage sheds into Puget-Théniers station

A steam train can't hide!
The steam and smoke reveal at long distance that the train is coming

Passing the upper "elephant"

Moving up the hill at Saint Benoît station

Passing the level crossing near Saint Benoît

Passing the bridge over river Coulomp

The train enters Annot station
At Annot station

Read a presentation with pictures of the locomotive and its origines, as well as of all vehicles in the Train des Pignes Steam Train .