Train du Centre Var (ATTCV) - Timetable 2015

The ATTCV railcar trains between Carnoules-les-Platanes and Brignoles will during 2015 run from April 12 until October 25 on the following times and dates

Red days have three trains
1.  a morning train
     (Carnoules - Brignoles - Carnoules),
2.  a lunch train
     (Carnoules - Sainte Anastasie - Carnoules)
3.  an afternoon train
     (Carnoules - Brignoles - Carnoules)
Blue days have one train,
the afternoon train
(Carnoules - Brignoles - Carnoules)

Ticket price: adults - 10 EUR; children under 12 - 5 EUR;  children under 4 - no charge

Special events/excursions are also scheduled or planned, see below.

Disclaimer - The timetable information is believed to be correct at the time of publishing of this post.
Changes, including last minute changes, may occur before it has been possible to update the post.

NB - Before you leave for taking the train, check with the ATTCV web site to ensure that there are no late minute changes to schedules.

Special events

Sun-Mon 5-6 April 
- Easter Train - Train de Paques - Carnoules - Camps-la-Source

Sat-Sun 25-26 April
- Train Expostion, Brignoles - Several vehicles on display. Passenger traffic with draisine DU 65 between Brignoles and Camps-la-Source

?? October
- Chestnut Festival in Camps-la-Source - Passenger traffic with draisine DU 65.

31 October
- Halloween Train -

December (several days) 
- Santa Claus Train -

Some special events will take place outside the Carnoules - Brignoles line, viz.

12-17 July 
- "Mountain Shuttle" - Tourist shuttle services to Embrun, Clelles and Valence from Veynes

?? September 
- Train of Marvels - Retro - Marseille - Tende - Marseille

?? October
- Miramas Train Festival

NB - More info on above events, see later posts and/or the ATTCV website.

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For more information on the operations and last-minute updates, see the ATTCV website.

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