Five minutes at Villars-sur-Var station

It's a calm, sunny Sunday in early April in Villars-sur-Var. Spring is arriving.
It's really calm. Not a single person in view. The restaurant is closed.
The sound of an approaching railcar increases ...

Slowly train no 4 from Digne, the X 304 railcar, enters the station. Stops.
No passenger leaves the train, none enters.

After half a minute, train no 4 leaves in direction Nice. But before arriving there, it will have to wait for train no 5 at Plan-du-Var station. The much younger AMP (Autorail Métrique Provence), heading for Digne.

The sound of the X 304 diesel engine gradually disappears. It's really calm again.
Today at least.
Perhaps, tomorrow, will it be more noisy, more activity. When the Matisa tamper starts working on adjustment of tracks and ballast ...