Train du Centre Var - ATTCV starts 2016 traffic season in spring colours

X 2204 enters a Carnoules-les-Platanes station filled with flowers

Sunday April 3 is the first day this year 2016 with regular tourist traffic between Carnoules-les-Platanes and Brignoles. Railcar X 2204 in its original colours was selected for this introductory journey, leaving Carnoules-les-Platanes with passengers at 15.00. Some photos below from the journey.

It is a rather gray and somewhat rainy day, but the spring has arrived and with it green grass and yellow flowers - and light green leaves starting to show on the trees. It's simply a beautiful time of the year, and a beautiful Green Provence to travel through.
The railcar passes through vineyards carefully prepared and ready for the 2016 grape harvest.

After the stop, the railcar leaves Brignoles for its return journey.