Train des Pignes (GECP) - Timetable 2016

Circulation of steam trains in 2016 between Puget-Théniers and Annot will take place on the following dates

with the following departure and arrival times

A document with these dates and departure times is available as a downloadable pamphlet on their website, where you will also find various other kinds of information on the train and the GECP activities.

As can be seen from the above graphics, there are number of special train events, three with extended steam train service to Le Fugerêt
  • 8 May - Spring Festival (in Le Fugerêt)
  • 19 June - Fête de la Musique
  • 5 November - Chestnut Festival (in Le Fugerêt)
NB - All train circulations are subject to change. Always consult their website for detailed information and advice on any last minute changes.