With "Ville de Brignoles" from Carnoules to Brignoles

Railcar X-2204 had for many years provided passenger service on the Nice to Breil-sur-Roya railway line in the southern Alps before it arrived to ATTCV in March 2012. It was after some restoration work at the ATTCV depot in Besse-sur-Issole, in particular refresh of exterior paint, put back on the rails.

It made its (second) "maiden voyage" in February this year under - for this part of Provence - extreme conditions: Snowstorm!

In April 2013 - proudly showing its original colours - it was at Brignoles station by the mayor of Brignoles baptized to (Ville of) Brignoles (see earlier post). It has afterwards been used for the ATTCV tourist train between Carnoules-les-Platanes and Brignoles.

From Carnoules to Brignoles, Brignoles passes through the Green Provence. Here some photos from a trip from a recent Carnoules-les-Platanes to Brignoles, showing the green surroundings of the railway. Well, sometimes even the railway is green ...

Brignoles leaves Carnoules-les-Platanes station
Passing departmental road D13, secured by human barriers
Entering Sainte Anastasie station with its giant trees
Leaving Sainte Anastasie station
Again, at the road to Camps-la-Source, human security barriers
Crossing the road leading to the pink marble quarry at Candelon
Closer to Brignoles road traffic increases
The train crew informs some interested passengers about the railway and the association
Brignoles leaves Brignoles to return to Carnoules-les-Platanes (after a stop in Sainte Anastasie)
The train has left Brignoles station, but not the dark sky - with rain and hail
Want to see the Green Provence with your own eyes out the windows of the Brignoles? A wonderful break in your stay on the seaside - in particular if dark clouds are starting to build!

Check the timetable in railtrain.org/attcv/ (English) or attcv.fr (French)